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I love photography, I adore photography!

All my life I have been trying to find out more about this art form…

At first I thought that the photographer – a person very knowledgeable on complicated technical specifics mixed with a little bit of magic. I was twelve when I came to this conclusion.

Later I discovered that great photographers have a hyper sensitivity that makes them different from other people. How else can they create wonderful pieces of art?

I have spent a long time analyzing and contemplating this issue, when I realized that every artist is a complicated concoction of super sensitivity, rich life (emotional) experience and deep knowledge of fundamental science like philosophy, psychology, mathematics etc. These contemplations were symptoms of my analytical period in which I took myself very seriously. Luckily it only lasted for three months and my sense of humor returned – which to me is the basic sign of intelligence.

I realize that my journey on the road to the art of photography has only just begun, no matter that I have spent years working as a photographer. Up until this moment the road was difficult and with many bends. But as it turns out, this road led to my childhood. In those days it was possible to take everything in that happened around me with a pure innocent heart and mind.

Psychologists say that children see the world in pictures in which everything is possible. It’s true! I could see cars smiling or frowning. Sometimes they would look aggressive like wild animals. The world was exploding, not only with pictures, but also with sound and smells. All these memories stay with you forever. Every summer morning was magical. I had the habit of jumping out of bed as soon as I woke, afraid I would miss out on something interesting. And to be honest, everything that happened was interesting…

Photography is a mediator between my emotions and the viewer. I think that in order to interest someone in my photographs I have to be painfully honest with myself. At the same time, I have to be able to see the world with the emotions of a child. Emotions which I thought I had lost along the way. I had banned my childhood to a forgotten corner in my mind. But thanks to God (or whoever else is up there) I have had difficulties in my life that woke up the child within me. Often what I do seems crazy to a lot of people. But I DON’T WANT to be normal.

My pictures are addressed to others – those who manage to get away from their daily routine and take their time to “smell the roses”. And I would be very pleased that through my photographs some “serious” person realizes that there are roses in this world.